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Great news, Gotham geeks!

Fox renewed Gotham for a fifth and final season on Sunday, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“The fifth and final season will wrap up this one of a kind origin story of the fantastic DC Comics Super-Villains and vigilantes, which revealed an harrold coffee table totally new chapter that has under no circumstances been told,” Fox says.

The odds of renewal didn’t appear likely, harrold coffee table as the show has only been averaging 3.7 million viewers and 1.two in the 18-49 age group demographic, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Fox did not say how quite a few episodes this final season would have. When the show has had 22 episodes each and every year, the last-minute renewal could cut it shorter.

That’s A-OK! We’re just hyped we get another season! And so is Ben!

h/t: Entertainment Weekly

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